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Choosing a Download Method

You can either download your parts to a Dropbox account or directly through the browser. See Selecting Download Integration for instructions on how to set up your download integration preferences.

Downloading Part Data 

Once you have assigned the desired CAD data to a part, you can download the part information to your Dropbox or directly through your browser by clicking More to expand the search result and selecting Download.

Additional download methods to try:

  1.  Select multiple parts in the Search view, My Created Parts, Favorites, My Projects or Recent Parts and select Download at the top right.  Select parts to download by clicking the left mouse button anywhere in the line.

  2. New !!  Drag and Drop method if using PADS Professional or Xpedition Version VX.2.7 or higher.  Go here for more details.


Direct Download

This section provides information on how to work with .pqz files downloaded through the direct download method.  You need to have the PartQuest Integration Utilities installed.

  1. PartQuest creates a .pqz file which is downloaded to your internet browser directory location,
  2. Double-click a .pqz file to extract the content.
  3. The initial run will prompt you for a directory to extract the pqz compressed data to. This is the same directory you will configure your desktop tools to import parts from.
  4. Subsequent downloads will simply require you to double click the .pqz file, and all data will be automatically extracted to the directory you configured initially.

If you need to change the temporary directory you are extracting the compressed data, edit the pq.ini file.  Using Windows Explorer, enter %appdata%   Your local settings directory will open and will contain a PartQuestTools subdirectory.  Edit the pq.ini TargetDirectory line to specify a temporary extraction directory location like C:\PartQuest.



Symbol and Footprint Download Limits

There are limits to the number of downloads per day from the symbol and footprint providers, these limits are presently set at:

  •  200 symbols and footprints in a 24 hour period.  3D models are supplied with many discrete parts.  Downloading a symbol, footprint and 3D model (when available) constitutes 1 download in the 200 daily limit.
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