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PADS Maker Schematic is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design creation tool suitable for Professionals, Makers, and Students.

Students and Makers may design Printed Circuit Boards and related Schematics with under 1500 Connection, 6 Layers (4 signal layers) and 25 square inches of board area free of charge.

MakerPro versions of PADS Maker allow an unlimited number of connections, 8 Layers (6 signal), and 50 square inches of board area.  Purchase this product from Digi-Key Corporation.

PADS Maker Schematic™ and PADS Maker Layout™ form the complete PADS Maker PCB design flow.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation and Activation
  • Fast accurate schematic generation
  • Starter library included
  • Integrated with PartQuest offering 800,000+ symbols and footprints
  • Free text search engine for Parts
  • Parts downloaded from PartQuest include part properties such as Manufacturing Part Number, etc.
  • PartQuest offers Symbol and Footprint Generators integrated to PADS Maker Schematic and Layout
  • Digi-Key® Component Bill Of Materials (BOM) generation
  • Embedded Footprint Browser


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